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GM: You recognize the riders from legend; they seem to be The Four Horsemen.

Bard-barian, in character: Everywhere we go, there’s demons, angels, demigods bossing us around, wanting favors, getting us into trouble, sending us out for groceries. No more. *shouts to the horsemen* NO. GO THE FRICK HOME.



Kill the idea that naivety is an unforgivable flaw but cynicism is just wisdom, murder it, chop it up and serve it for dinner, I don’t care, just end this bullshit idea that it’s better to hate than to love and better to rot in miserable bitter resignation than to hope for the best.




Heard you were talkin’ sh!t about Superman…


Okay now, several of you have been complaining about this awesome post by themetaisawesome and saying some pretty dumb things about Superman. Apparently, if a person is “nice,” then that’s all they are. ”nice” = “boring” Or at least, if…

The problem with Superman is that he has no relatability. I think anyone with that much power would be able to be that nice all the time, so why should I care? I never see any weakness from him and he overcomes any real adversity. Unrelatable.

I’ve said it before, but I don’t mind reposting it when applicable…

if you have problems “relating” to an individual who strives to be the embodiment of all that is good in humanity, somebody who wants to see the best in people and BE the best for people, if you cannot identify with somebody who sometimes feels isolated and alone but still struggles to do the right thing regardless of how difficult or inconvenient the right thing is, then I don’t trust you.

Heard you were talkin’ sh!t about Superman…


Okay now, several of you have been complaining about this awesome post by themetaisawesome and saying some pretty dumb things about Superman.  Apparently, if a person is “nice,” then that’s all they are.  ”nice” = “boring”  Or at least, if you’re consistently nice, people will immediately disregard and/or ignore any other part of your personality.  

There’s plenty to be said for subjective opinions and you can like or not like anybody you choose to.  I’ll try really hard to admit it’s okay to not be interested in Superman as a character.  It’s perfectly okay to prefer characters with internal conflict.  But please remember that “person vs. self” is only one kind of conflict.  Superman/Clark Kent may debatably not have to deal with that form of conflict very often, but every other form of conflict comes up on a regular basis.  

So, if your criticism of Superman is fair (you prefer “flawed” characters, you prefer anti-heroes, you prefer women characters, you prefer characters who are jerks, etc) then that’s cool.  Like what you want to like.  Go for it.  But if your complaints about Superman are unfair and inaccurate, then I’m coming out swinging.  And that means this “one-dimensional” crap I keep seeing.  Some of you looked at these images and just saw some boring “nice guy” with no other dimensions, but when I look at them I see….


A law enforcement professional speaking with colleagues

A mentor to troubled youths.

pocketaimee:  By request! Superman is basically a superpowered Mr. Rogers.

A demonstration of out-of-the-box problem solving and critical thinking skills that dismisses the obvious solution (let’s fight!) and actually looks to solve the underlying tension causing the problem.  

Also, rehabilitation > incarceration.

Perseverance in the face of adversity.

An individual who does not just confront the “big” problems, but recognizes the needs of the common individual, to give them hope.  Also, one who finds inspiration in the smallest acts of kindness from others, not just himself.

A man who unapologetically loves and respects his parents, even in front of strangers.

a man who is not ambitious, nor does he force his way.  Someone who downplays his own fame to meet people where they are.

Funny, charming, and a killer smile.

A man who is KIND.

A man who must distinguish between his abilities and his identity.  You want inner conflict?  Here you go.  There are so many people who know this man, and so many people that know the Superman.  The mask he wears is Superman, but very few people know Clark Kent.

An ordinary guy, who is extraordinary.  A man who surrounds himself by people who keep his feet firmly planted on the ground, because otherwise he would soar so far above humanity to be no good to us.  An old-fashioned guy who HAS DOUBTS AND FEARS, BUT DECIDES TO BE SUPER ANYWAYS.

zeebeejeebees:  this is why comics.

Also, since we’re actually talking about Superman’s DEPTH, I’m going to point out that Kryptonite is not his only weakness.  Magic is ostensibly an even bigger weakness for him than the radioactive meteors of his home planet.

So there you go.  There’s just SOME (but not all) of the aspects of Superman.  Yes, he is kind.  That is a fundamental value that he holds.  But that kindness does not prevent him from being OTHER things as well.  Like him or don’t like him, but don’t try to act like the character concept is fundamentally flawed just because he is a consistently compassionate character.


I’m thinking of starting a new playthrough of Skyim. I’m thinking, a Paladin-type character who uses a bit of magic in addition to his combat skills while serving the Empire and eliminating evil wherever he goes. I’m sure lawfulgoodness would appreciate this. Might make it a let’s play once I get my desktop in 3 weeks.

Anyone interested in fighting back the forces of evil is okay in my book!

Painter painting in our land pictures of only white angels
Painter painting in our time in shadows of yesterday

Painter, if you paint with love, paint me some black angels now
For all good blacks in heaven, painter show us that you care

Eartha Kitt - Angelitos Negros (1970 performance)

(Source: foxwin)

None of that, ‘Oh well if you’re truly sorry, there’s nothing I can do,’ horse$***. No, he coup-de-graces your ass because he’s a ***-damn Paladin. His job is killing evil. You know what his job doesn’t entail? Being a sympathetic ear for every whiny NE or CN or LE douchebag who’s only being evil because the world is unfair to him or every punk that lets his own dislikes or laziness overcome his own personality.

You know what unfair is? Being able to know what kind of person everyone is before you even talk to them. Smelling evil so potent on a mother**** that you want to sink your fingers in his chest and pull that tar out until the screaming stops. Having the psychotic urge to murder people that you’ve never even met, for the sole reason that your God decided that you ought to be his right hand without your choice in the matter, that’s unfair.

But unlike Evil McBlacknails over there, that Paladin puts on his helmet, sharpens his sword, and then continues walking through crowds of people day by day, resisting the urge. Seeing evidence of injustice so black it makes him sick. Seeing murderers and rapists walk the street, watching good men hang as evil ones pull the lever. Saving his righteous violence for when the situation exactly, specifically, precisely calls for it. Surgically removing that which is most evil.

Because he’s a Paladin. And if he gave in to the urge, what would he be?

Who will right the true wrongs if not he?

It’s not about not falling as a Paladin. It’s about falling so f***ing hard you crash through the planet and stand up on the other side.

Listen up, Lovelies. There was a time…










…when Christian Rock was -awesome-.

No, really, sayeth the hippie liberal Pagan/Dionysian.

The 90’s were a magical time, and saw a slew of grunge-inspired, spiritually-minded young people make some fantastic, honest, imperfect, searching music.

They weren’t singing about being squeaky-clean and redeemed at church. They were heirs to the era of the Jesus Freaks (60’s & 70’s, Spirit In The Sky, what up), singing about identifying with the thief crucified next to Jesus. Who sang about racial equality, abuse, love, seeking redemption, contemplating the big questions…

…you know, like mainstream music does, only through the filter of a certain belief system.

 This was just before the disingenuous, polished, desperate attempts to look and sound like pop and country stars. Over-styled with a twang, dropping Jesus’ name a few times in hopes of a few gold records and a Dove Award that we see now.

And as a person who is still very spiritual, who still takes the person and example of Jesus to her heart, I still listen to some of these on the regular.

Brighten My Heart - Sixpence None The Richer

Entertaining Angels - Newsboys

Frail - Jars Of Clay

Damaged - Plumb

The World I Know - Collective Soul (No really, they won a Dove Award)

Prophet, Priest & King - Smalltown Poets

Struggleville - Vigilantes of Love

Worlds Apart - Jars of Clay

Thief - Third Day (They were what Creed could never, ever be)

In The Light - DC Talk

Liquid - Jars of Clay

Blister Soul - Vigilantes of Love

Confession: I still listen to this playlist all the time.

90’s Christian Rock was, on the whole, pretty wonderful.

I was trying to explain this period of time to Kat the other day, but these songs do better than words. 

(also legitimately all of Jars of Clay’s first album and all of Jesus Freak from DC Talk are completely amazing)

I still have a very deep and abiding love of Newsboys and will fight anyone who challenges me on this. They were just always so…good-natured and positive while completely being something you could jam to.

Wyrick was another one that was pretty good during this era. I listen to ‘I Fall' semi-regularly still. Skillet too, with their song 'Open Wounds’.

T-Bone also, if you’re looking for that 90’s era West Coast rap sound. Check out ‘Pushin’ Up Daisies' for a good example of that guy.

Re-Reblogging this to confirm that ‘Lost the Plot' by Newsboys is still a pretty intense song.

True story: I’m pretty sure I can trace the beginnings of my adoration for Aussie accents to the Newsboys. Namely, I can blame Phil Joel.

Granted, he’s technically from Auckland, NZ, but still. Close enough.

Sorry to poke my head in, but might I suggest Thousand Foot Crutch? I first heard of them through a Naruto AMV for Phenomenon (which dates me, I’m sure), but my boyfriend bought their whole CD and it’s… actually very good. Also, I think they’re Canadian. >.>;

…my small, furry god. Was it “Rock Fist” by any chance?

Because I saw that one at the vidding contest at a con in Boston, in ‘07. Speaking of dated.

This post fills me with equal parts joy, nostalgia, embarrassment, and “ehhhh….”

In other news, my younger sister informs me that Michael Tait from dc Talk is the current lead singer for the Newsboys. Mind = blown.

Why hasn’t old school Third Day been brought up yet?  I mean, I know Southern Rock isn’t particularly fashionable, and they’ve definitely turned into a pretty tame “P&W” band, but their ’90s albums were amazing.