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thirteenthconriocht said: NO O FEEL THIS SO HARD, like i used to go to this game shop and they had magic and DnD and it was just so. So awful. The gamer culture around it is so RUDE AND JUST. //sits with u

I’m super lucky in that I have so many friends and mutuals on here who are wonderful players and DMs. They’re always sharing stories and it’s fun and great.

but the thing is you just don’t see it a lot. I’ve heard horror stories from my friends about being bullied by DMs and players, outright denied any information to play, told wrong dates, chastised for not knowing x information. I was once given shit in a book store for buying Pathfinder material.

It’s a really poisonous atmosphere and it needs to stop.

Do better nerds.  We’ve got to do better.

Okay so


While I’m SUPPOSED to be a productive member of society, I was instead reading this


And I realize that most GMs with an old school backgroudn will see it and go “Hey, you know what we should play?”


But me, I was thinking. See, I recently saw a pretty darn good movie, the likes of which haven’t been in theaters for a long time. 


Wait, no. Not that one, the OTHERawesome movie of a long forgotten genre in the West.


There we go! So I saw this thing here, and I loved it. And I have that sweet, sweet Technology Guide. And that got me thinking.

How do we take this?


and make it into a cooler, newer version of this? 


Because that movie I saw, it made me hooked on a feeling. 

And now I’m high on believing in PFRPG

So using this as inspiration


And some of this


and a good chunk of this


some zest from this


and a sprinkle of this


and for good measure some this


and some of this


and with some help from the PFd20SRD and the PRD

I want to make this


At least for fun.
Who’s in?

Artistic token piece


The PCs did not appreciate the artful well-endowed woman on one of our tokens. However, the midst of battle they suddenly decided they needed some help, “Hey, Tits McGee, do you have any spells that could help us with this??”

Until she turned out to be a shapechanger she was called Tits McGee. /dm facepalm

Please tell me she proceeded to shapechange into a dragon and kill them all for being asshats.

If I’ve ever followed you and then unfollowed you immediately afterwards it’s because I loved your blog but then checked to see if you had a NSFW tag.


All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing….”

Okay but seriously, this was almost an awesome gifset.  But, did you actually watch Super or Watchmen?  

I believe in heroes, and those aren’t it.

Opening email for my Pathfinder: SG-1 Campaign

So I just sent out an email to the 7 players in my new Pathfinder campaign I mentioned previously.  Of those 7 players, 4 are girls and 3 are guys.  While most of the girls have played one-shot adventures here and there before, only my wife has been in a long-term game before.

I had to send them an email introducing them to roleplaying & Pathfinder, as well as to my campaign specifically.  Lots of folks were really interested in my campaign idea, so I thought I’d share the message I sent out to get the ball rolling…

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