Flash #113 from 1960 - First Appearance of the Trixster (James Jesse).

Flash #175 from 1967 - The second race between Superman and The Flash (ends in a tie).

Images pulled from DC Wikia.

So I had dinner with a family from my church one day last week and the conversation of course turned to the fact that I love comic books.  The dad asked some of the usual questions (“Marvel vs. DC?”  ”Who’s your favorite?”), but then started getting oddly specific.  (How far back?  Longest run?  Oldest issue?)  It turns out that he used to collect comic books back in the day before he had a wife and kids and house/car payments, but doesn’t keep up with them anymore.

Then yesterday, he comes to church with a longbox full of silver age Flash and Captain Americas (My favorite DC and favorite Marvel).  They were 1960s/early ’70s issues, including these two gems.

Now I know jack squat about rating comics, but I know even though they aren’t clamshelled these two alone would be worth something.  So I’m really not sure what to do… he used to be a collector (there were issues of Wally West’s series going into the ’90s, so he was at least keeping up with it that recently).  He’s got to know there were comics worth something in the box, but I’m not sure he realizes how much they could be worth.

He said he was wanting to do something nice for me (I lead the youth program his eldest child attends), but I sort of feel like I’m taking advantage of him if I don’t make sure he knows exactly what he’s given me.

Is it rude of me to bring up to him the actual monetary value of something that was given as a gift?  Or is it worse for me to add these to my collection (there is 0% chance I’m going to sell them) without letting him know what he could have gotten for them? 

Story is good. Plot is bad.




Learn the difference. Love the difference. 


nah I get it, plot is too structured it can’t happen unless the pcs do EXACTLY what you want, story happens, story is fun and not confined 

a)  If we’re getting that esoteric about meanings and definitions, there’s a good chance “fun” is getting overlooked.

b)  That’s the exact opposite of what those words mean…





Reasons to dye your hair bright and unnatural colors

  • Because you wanna
  • Being punk rock
  • Looking hella cute
  • Small children’s reactions

downside: bees sometimes try to pollinate you


I don’t know what that “old people” line is about.  About 60% of the positive reactions I get are from African-American women over the age of 50.

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OMG! i found a leaked script for Avengers 2


from page 42

INT: Shield helicarrier conference room.

NICK FURY: Okay team awesome. I want to introduce you to your new team mates. This is P- *there is a big clang as steve drops his shield*-o

STEVE: *picks up shield* My bad. Continue.

NICK FURY: He is a speedster and his codename is Qu-*iron man by black sabbath starts to play from tony’s phone* -er

TONY: *turns phone off* Sorry. My bad.

NICK FURY: P- *a huge truck drives by blasting its horn* -o is a mu- *a waiter drops his tray and all the glasses smash* -nt and his father is the supervillian known as ma- *someone opens a cupboard and a screeching cat jumps out* -o. So.. any questions?