So let’s get some things straight:

  • Christopher Eccleston is NOT a dick.   CE’s tag as well as the Ninth Doctor’s tag is loaded with hate this morning AND that’s just uncalled for.
  • Christopher Eccleston LOVED playing the Doctor: “I love the BFI. I love the Doctor and hope you enjoy this presentation. Joe Ahearne directed five of the 13 episodes of the first series. He understood the tone the show needed completely – strong, bold, pacy visuals coupled with wit, warmth and a twinkle in the performances, missus.“If Joe agrees to direct the 100th anniversary special, I will bring my sonic and a stair-lift and – providing the Daleks don’t bring theirs – I, the ninth Doctor, vow to save the universe and all you apes in it.”
  • If you indeed have watched series 1 with Eccleston then you understand his story arc.  You’ll understand the emotional growth in the NInth Doctor’s journey.  Me thinks CE read the ridiculous 50th anniversary story about retconning the Time War and said no. 
  • I have no proof that these were his intentions but knowing how he chooses scripts for British TV, I really think that he felt the Ninth Doctor’s journey was being minimized and dismissed.  Hence, the comment on Joe Ahearne and wit/warmth. 
  • He signs stuff for fans all the time AND signs as THE DOCTOR. 
  • People need to separate what they WANT from what an actor wants and looks for in a script.  He owes you nothing but he’ll pose for a pic on the street with you, and sign your Ninth Doctor memorabilia ANYTIME.

Yeah. I don’t blame him for not wanting to be involved in it. He was a brilliant Doctor and it’s a shame so many people hate on him or skip his season entirely.


Two of my friends said that the 9th Doctor was ugly, horrible, and there was no point to him. They said that no one liked him and everyone who did is an idiot. I told them tons of people liked him and they didn’t believe me.

So reblog this and I will write your url in a notebook labeled “People Who Appreciate Nine” and give it to them to let them become aware of the lovely people like you guys. Deadline is March 22nd.