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So let’s get some things straight:

  • Christopher Eccleston is NOT a dick.   CE’s tag as well as the Ninth Doctor’s tag is loaded with hate this morning AND that’s just uncalled for.
  • Christopher Eccleston LOVED playing the Doctor: “I love the BFI. I love the Doctor and hope you enjoy this presentation. Joe Ahearne directed five of the 13 episodes of the first series. He understood the tone the show needed completely – strong, bold, pacy visuals coupled with wit, warmth and a twinkle in the performances, missus.“If Joe agrees to direct the 100th anniversary special, I will bring my sonic and a stair-lift and – providing the Daleks don’t bring theirs – I, the ninth Doctor, vow to save the universe and all you apes in it.”
  • If you indeed have watched series 1 with Eccleston then you understand his story arc.  You’ll understand the emotional growth in the NInth Doctor’s journey.  Me thinks CE read the ridiculous 50th anniversary story about retconning the Time War and said no. 
  • I have no proof that these were his intentions but knowing how he chooses scripts for British TV, I really think that he felt the Ninth Doctor’s journey was being minimized and dismissed.  Hence, the comment on Joe Ahearne and wit/warmth. 
  • He signs stuff for fans all the time AND signs as THE DOCTOR. 
  • People need to separate what they WANT from what an actor wants and looks for in a script.  He owes you nothing but he’ll pose for a pic on the street with you, and sign your Ninth Doctor memorabilia ANYTIME.

Yeah. I don’t blame him for not wanting to be involved in it. He was a brilliant Doctor and it’s a shame so many people hate on him or skip his season entirely.

Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 1



Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how miraculous it is that any of us made it past the first episode.

Least scary bad guys ever.


Their stomachs creased like rubber as they ran.



This entire sequence:




The worst Photoshop that ever existed.



All of this nonsense:




And Mickey’s clinging to Rose’s leg for the entirety of this scene.


And yet, we all fell in love. It’s enough to make a girl question her sanity.

Um… (raises hand) I didn’t make it past this episode.

While standing in line for Denver Comic Con a few weeks ago, my brother and I were convinced to watch “Doctor Who” by a couple of Whovians who just gushed about it. I’d heard enough about the show to understand the basics (it’s bigger on the inside, there’s always a Companion, don’t blink, Britishisms, etc). So we went home that night, watched this episode, turned to each other and were just like “What are we missing? What do people see in this mess?”

And then we didn’t feel compelled to watch any more. The end.

I made it through season one of “Buffy.” I get that a great show can have a bad opener. But this was beyond bad. I just didn’t see any potential for greatness at all. And I’m really ok with that, since the last thing I need is yet another sci-fi show to obsess over and watch in endless weekend marathons when I should be reading.

So “Doctor Who”, you’re just not for me.

Forget all this nonsense.  I love Doctor Who EXACTLY BECAUSE of this episode.  I wish there was more of it.  I’ll take plastiMickey over murderous Tennant any day of the week.  I like camp, goofballs, and absurdity.

It’s cool if other people don’t.  I just wish they did so that I could get more goofy fun stuff and less brooding angst.  Every image in this post is something I love, and something I wish there was more of.  But the truth is if it turned you off of Doctor Who, then the current runs/episodes are more for you than they are for me.

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Ninth Doctor Headcanon




When the Ninth Doctor first asked Rose to travel through time with him and refused, the Doctor accepted that and moved on. He traveled through space and time, saving the universe, all lonely for years thinking “I wish Rose could have been here.” Eventually, he goes back to a few seconds after he left Rose and says “By the way, did I mention it also travels in time?”

Rose never knew how long the Doctor waited for her.


I think this makes sense. In the episode Rose you see all those photos of Nine at the assassination of Kennedy and at the Titanic (on his own). But also in that episode he’s checking his reflection in the mirror like he’s seeing it for the first time, so he can’t have been long regenerated. So maybe he does all that stuff in the time before he comes back and says “Did I mention, it also travels in time?”

which makes that line even more powerful because this time he wouldreally want her to say yes, because he knows what it’s like without her. 

What’s interesting are the events the Doctor (theoretically) chose to visit during that time between when Rose (theoretically) first said no, and when he returned to extend the invitation a second time. Nine was photographed/drawn near the Titanic, Krakatoa, and the Kennedy assassination. All horrible catastrophes with tragic loss of life, all catastrophes that caused profound change in human history, catastrophes that (if Pompeii and Bowie Base One are anything to go by), would likely qualify as fixed points in time. 

This leads me to believe that the Doctor was nearly in the throes a Time Lord Victorious breakdown as a result of the Time War and Rose’s rejection. He was dancing around the edges of these fixed points, likely looking for a way to save lives and prove to himself that he wasn’t a vile person. To prove to himself he could make a difference. 

To prove to himself that he’s worthy of having someone brave and clever like Rose as a companion.

And Nine (obviously) doesn’t save Kennedy’s life or stop the eruption of Krakatoa, but in the episode “Rose” we find out he DOES save one family originally scheduled to travel on the Titanic by convincing them to delay their trip. A small measure of redemption.

Enough so that the Doctor summons the courage to return to that dark London sidewalk and casually lean out the door of his TARDIS like no time had passed at all, like he hadn’t been scrabbling in the wake of Rose’s rejection. And then he said the words he’d practiced alone in his console room dozens of times, with the exact amount of calculated swagger he’d rehearsed: “By the way, did I mention it also travels in time?”


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