From a galaxy far far away to a fantasy long ago. Commissioned pieces for Lawfulgoodness dedicated to his Earthdawn team and the STAR WARS’ Rogain’s Fury crew. 

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So now the challenge is… who can guess which ones are me and which ones are columbiadm.

Day 13 of the 30-Day RPG meme: Highest level slain monster

So this past Friday, I killed a god.

Okay, not really.  Technically, in Earthdawn they are called “Passions” and they aren’t exactly “gods,” but they basically serve the same narrative and technical purposes.  In the game setting, evil entities from another plane of existence (called Horrors) have invaded the world and are attempting to corrupt everything.  One of the things they try to corrupt are the Passions.

So there used to be this Archetype/Deity/Passion named Erendis, who was the Passion of Order and Work.  Erendis became corrupted by the Horrors and was turned into Dis, the Mad Passion of Slavery, bureaucracy, and confusion.

It was my job to tank the evil Dis while the rest of the party worked to protect the magical item we had that would cleanse Dis of his corruption.  Tons of adds, winged demons, exploding acid-bats, giant spiders.  There was also a high-level Horror for a while (Ristul, for those of you familiar with Earthdawn.)  Anyways, it was super-awesome.  I didn’t actually kill Dis, but I did help return him to his rightful form of Erendis.

So Friday night was the last session for one of the campaigns I play in.  Some of us had planned on going to see Guardians of the Galaxy afterwards at the latest showing possible, at 12:45.  Of course we ran late.  The game (and subsequent celebration) ended at 1:30 am.

I’m trying to figure out which would have made me a bigger nerd:

  • Going to see GotG at 12:45 after having spent 5 hours roleplaying
  • Not seeing GotG at 12:45 because I was too busy roleplaying

In any case, I’m trying to avoid spoilers before my next chance to watch it, which won’t be until next weekend.  That means I’m avoiding Tumblr like the plague.  So I’ve got a queue up that should keep the posts coming through the rest of the week, but I may not be around.

As always, feel free to send me an ask in my askbox if you want to chat, I’ll definitely reply.  And if I see anyone being silly in my notes I may come back, but I won’t be watching my dash.

Source: Daryl “Daz” Toh Liem ZahnTumblr: tohdaryldeivantArt:
Not too long ago I mentioned commissioning some artwork for my Earthdawn group.  We’ve got one more session before the campaign wraps up, so the players decided to put this together as a gift for our GM (the bartender you see in the background.)
It’s been great to work with Daz and he’s now working on another piece for the Star Wars campaign I run.  I highly recommend you check his stuff out.

Source: Daryl “Daz” Toh Liem Zahn
Tumblr: tohdaryl

Not too long ago I mentioned commissioning some artwork for my Earthdawn group.  We’ve got one more session before the campaign wraps up, so the players decided to put this together as a gift for our GM (the bartender you see in the background.)

It’s been great to work with Daz and he’s now working on another piece for the Star Wars campaign I run.  I highly recommend you check his stuff out.

Day 10 of the 30-Day RPG meme: Most evil-aligned character

My NPCs as a GM aside, we were discussing D&D-style alignments of our Earthdawn campaign, trying to figure out who would be what.  I was determined that my Obsidiman Warrior/Horror Stalker would best be described as “Chaotic Stubborn.”  I only attacked a player character once, and that was after he had already attacked me.  I was a Questor (something like a cleric, only a Prestige class in Earthdawn), and I served Thystonius, who was basically the patron saint of fistfights.  I got extra points for starting fights with people, but I tried to make sure it never actually got in the way of our mission or quest.

Day 6 of the 30-Day RPG meme: Have you ever died?

In my first-ever Earthdawn campaign, I was more or less tortured to death.  I was a Lightbearer (a particular kind of prestige class) and they have an ability to case their memories and a portion of their abilities onto a party members.  So we roleplay it out, and the GM made me choose the party member I would cast the essence of my being into and I picked the other character that I thought was the most “noble.”  Then I recount my life story, or at least the primary motivating bits, to that character, explaining the magical corruption that had infected my family and that I was looking for a way to destroy the aberrations they had become.

It was painful for my character, and really upsetting for me to go through the whole backstory and perceptions of the group and our mission/campaign thus far, knowing that I wouldn’t ever get to fulfill those goals.  I had to try and impress on the other character that he should do those things, and send a part of my power into him as I died.  The GM told me I was dead, and that was more or less the end of the session.  I was pretty bummed out, because we were REALLY close to the end of the campaign.

I talked to the GM a few days later about what I needed to do about making a new character or if I would be able to finish out the campaign.  He looked really confused and then said, “Oh wait, didn’t I tell you?  It was a particular kind of illusionary magic.  Basically, you were bluffed into thinking you were dead.  You’re not actually dead, just show up with your regular sheet next time.  But because you really did think you were dead, <the other character> and you are now bonded mystically.”

I might have broke down crying.

So capitanoscaramuccio asked me my fancasts for my current d&d characters, which I thought was a pretty original idea.  So I’m in 3 different roleplaying campaigns right now.  Here are my fancasts for each:

1. Winter Remo - Human Scoundrel in Star Wars RCR

Remo was my main bad guy in the first story arc of my campaign.  He has 0 combat ability, with all of his points dedicated to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Sense Motive.  He was a chief spy in the Rebel Alliance, secretly working for the Empire to subvert it.  He was extremely charming, willing to work around the rules to help the players out, and was their primary friend and ally for most of the campaign.  Then they found out he was a bad guy.  The main reason they took the bait was because they knew my fancast for him was


2. Petros - Obsidiman Warrior & Horror Stalker in Earthdawn

Petros is the stereotypical meat shield, except he isn’t made of meat.  Obsidiman are somewhat similar to rock golems, but around 7-8 feet tall and with tough, harded skin similar to stone.  He has a bit of a one-track mind, focusing on ridding the land of the Horrors that are infecting it from the astral plane.  He has no problem starting a fight, or finishing a fight, or participating in it for just a little while in the middle.  He is more or less incapable of double-speak and doesn’t see the point in arguing over a point when you could just punch somebody instead.  Fancast for him is Ron Perlman.


3.  Victor - Pacifist Minister in Nova Praxis

Victor is an amnesiac with no memory of who he was before he woke up in a hospital bed about 4 months ago.  For those of you unfamiliar with Nova Praxis, it is a hard science fiction / transhumanist setting where humanity has abandoned the planet Earth and has settled in various colonies in our solar system and beyond.  It’s somewhat dystopic and reminds me somewhat of Shadowrun, only in space and without the magic.  After waking up in the hospital with no memory of who he is, he found refuge in a Salvation Army mission and attempts to minister to the poor, weak, or downtrodden.  He was kidnapped at the beginning of the campaign and is now trying to figure out why as well as piece together his past.  At the same time he is trying to minister to those he meets along the way, looking for ways to try and make their lives better.  My fancast for him is


No.  Not Jeff Bridges.

The Dude.

Hitting Circle 10 in Earthdawn

Me when I see how many Legend Points we got for our previous session: 

Me when I see how much LP stuff costs now:

Day 5 of the 30-Day RPG meme: Highest Level Character

Day 5: Who is your highest level character?

Petros, the Obsidiman Warrior

Right now in the Earthdawn campaign I’m playing I have a Circle 9 Warrior / Horror Stalker.  Of course, circles in Earthdawn are significantly more powerful than a standard level in a d20 campaign, so I’d say it’s more like being level 18//18 in a d20 campaign.  It’s super-sweet to deal 50-60 points of damage on a single attack.