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Harry Potter / Justice League Unlimited AU

Following the Second Wizarding War, Minerva McGonagall needed to address the fact that the Muggles Studies course had been used to indoctrinate the students with all sorts of anti-Muggle rhetoric.  To try and rectify this she asked Hogwarts alumni Zatanna if she would take over the course & curriculum.  Realizing that many of Hogwarts’ students had absolutely no interactions with muggles, Zatanna agrees on the condition that her Justice League colleagues come to the school to form mentoring relationships with its students.  The sorting hat divides them up into houses and they spend time getting to know the students, trying to figure out how quidditch works, and doing their best to not be killed by 3-headed dogs or moving staircases.

Okay so yes, this idea is probably pretty stupid and I’m sure nobody but me is entertained by something so ridiculous, but the recent snow storms got me stuck at home rewatching Harry Potter and Justice League and I thought this would be fun.  I’m used to sticking characters into “Lawful Good // Chaotic Evil // etc” frameworks, so figuring out what houses they would be sorted into was a nice change of pace.  I may write some brief fic of the individual adventures at Hogwarts.  If so, I’ll edit this post to include the links.

DC Comics Challenge - Day 19: Best Spinoff Series

Justice League Unlimited

Because they did amazing things with Heroes that don’t normally get the spotlight….

They showed how much possibility the whole universe has 

They did interesting things with characters we were already familiar with

and did it all while not taking themselves too seriously.






The Flash always did have a “special” relationship with his Rogue’s Gallery.

I just watched this yesterday

Best show, ever.

He was so genuinely concerned about their mental health and recovery. He would ask about their treatments and meds. I don’t understand why people don’t love Wally more. He’s a far better hero than most.

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Let’s make every day Flash Appreciation Day! :D



I miss JL/JLU Wally.

Actually, I miss Wally

I miss Wally a lot.


Helena Bertinelli/Huntress in Justice League: Unlimited

The actress playing Huntress on this show was so perfect that whenever I wrote Huntress dialogue from then on, I heard it in her voice. Youthful, but hard as diamonds. Loved it.

I met her at a con, and she was signing photos, and I told her I’d written her episode of JLU and that I loved what she did with it. She came up, gave me a big hug, signed one of her photos and said that we were ‘family,’ and that she wished ALL her scripts were that well written.

You hear how terrible people in Hollywood all the time, but many of the kindest, most generous and sincere people I have ever known work in the film industry in some way.

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