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Oddly enough, even with all of my love for the muppets, I never got the soundtrack to their first movie, "The Muppet Movie." That was thankfully rectified this year.  I also received “Jim Henson: A Biography.”

What do you DO in a small town?





So this post got me thinking of how many times I’ve heard the question “So what is there to do in a small town?” This usually comes from folks who are either from the same area I live now (one of the USA’s 10…

  • went to the gym
  • watched some Ghost in the Shell: Stand-alone complex
  • worked on dossier design
  • ate lunch
  • visited a friend who is in the hospital
  • went star gazing / astrophotography
  • started reading “Jim Henson: The Biography” which I got for Christmas
  • while listening to “The Muppet Movie Soundtrack” which I got for Christmas
  • no I’m an adult, I swear

I’m not sure who besides me would stay up until 10:30 pm on Christmas Eve to watch a nativity program helmed by a Henson and listen to church music, but I’m really excited about “A New York Christmas to Remember” tonight.




Apparently, this guy tracked down a completely unreleased, black and white director’s cut of the Dark Crystal, then spent the past two years synching its audio up with the theatrical cut and splicing in the missing scenes.

This is the version Jim Henson originally submitted, it has never been available to the public until this very month. It is darker, subtler and has significantly less dialog, with no narration, no internal monologues, very little exposition and some entirely different voices, including a completely inhuman, intentionally untranslated language for the majority of Skeksis dialog. We were never meant to understand most of what they were saying.

The version we’re all more familiar with was subjected to a great deal of last-minute re-dubbing, specifically to make it lighter and more child-friendly.This is The DARK Dark Crystal.