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I don't sell the comics I collect, which is why I have a very small collection. I've had someone offer me a substantial amount of money for some issues and I'm sort of broke/struggling writer post-college at a Starbucks. What're your thoughts on this? Worth it?



From personal experience… sell sell sell

 when I was broke in college I had a copy of Detective comics that Todd Mcfarlane had drawn and I found out that someone was looking to buy it for big bucks and I sold it and it got me through a semester.

 sell the book, buy the trade it was reprinted in, live your life.

 one day you will have the money to buy it back

This is what I’m learning to do with my collection of comics and video games and roleplaying books. It’s hard (I’ve got some hoarder DNA in me) but it’s totally worth it.

Great advice I’m perfectly content to not follow.

I had a life goal to collect the entire run of Flash comics.  I’m sure it’ll never happen, but I’m going to see how close I can get.

Current uninterrupted run: 1972 - 2012

Earliest issue: Flash 110 from 1960.


The Flash teaser for the TV network, CW.

I’m still not digging the costume, but if the characterization continues to be a positive and enthusiastic character (contrasted with Ollie’s broody angsty Batmanishness), I’ll definitely be giving it a shot.

DC Comics Challenge - Day 25: Favorite Relationship (Romantic)

Wally West & Linda Park-West

I always wanted to see more of them in Justice League/JLU but they only hinted at the possibility of a relationship.

They were never depicted as having it all “figured out.”

They were fumbling through their relationship, sometimes making good choices

Sometimes making bad decisions

but always ending up together

I miss these two so much.

I haven’t seen “The Flashpoint Paradox” yet, so I can’t really attest to how good it is.  I know watching is going to be bittersweet; I still love the timmverse and wish Bruce Timm was still at the helm of DC’s animated universe.  But still, it’s the Flash, and the first Flash-led media offered by Warner Brothers, so I feel like I should support it nonetheless.