The Flash teaser for the TV network, CW.

I’m still not digging the costume, but if the characterization continues to be a positive and enthusiastic character (contrasted with Ollie’s broody angsty Batmanishness), I’ll definitely be giving it a shot.

DC Comics Challenge - Day 25: Favorite Relationship (Romantic)

Wally West & Linda Park-West

I always wanted to see more of them in Justice League/JLU but they only hinted at the possibility of a relationship.

They were never depicted as having it all “figured out.”

They were fumbling through their relationship, sometimes making good choices

Sometimes making bad decisions

but always ending up together

I miss these two so much.

I haven’t seen “The Flashpoint Paradox” yet, so I can’t really attest to how good it is.  I know watching is going to be bittersweet; I still love the timmverse and wish Bruce Timm was still at the helm of DC’s animated universe.  But still, it’s the Flash, and the first Flash-led media offered by Warner Brothers, so I feel like I should support it nonetheless.

It Was Double New Lady Writers at DC Comics This Week


This week Maguerite Bennett made her debut as a writer in the DCU with the Batman Annual #2 and became part of a very small group in comics - women who have written Batman. If you didn’t pick it up the annual I recommend you do - it was very good.

But it there was another female writer debuting in the DCU this week. Nicole Dubuc made her debut writing a back-up for the Flash Annual. Dubuc ihas extra cred to bring to the table as a writer of the Flash; she wrote for Young Justice and also voiced Iris West-Allen on that show.

Dubuc joins an even smaller group than Bennett and is the first woman to write a Flash comic. 

Hard to believe in a world where Louise Simonson was once headwriter on Superman, Devin Grayson had her own Batman book and Mindy Newell and Gail Simone have written Wonder Woman, that in 2013 we are just getting our first female Flash writer - on a guest spot in an annual.

But the door has been opened. Let’s hope it leads to more.